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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finbourgh Flick (Backlog)

Sweater from Terranova, grey plaid skirt from H&M, white polo from Ralph Lauren, boots from Forever21


I absolutely love this sweater because it is the perfect color of Slytherin house. Basically, this whole outfit clearly shows my house pride. 

Yes, I am a Slytherin, and that's something I am immensely proud of. People are always quick to judge Slytherin house to be full of evil doers—which I will not deny, Voldemort and his followers were mostly Slytherins, and even the Slytherins during Harry's year were mostly against him. But at its essence, Slytherin is a house surrounded with qualities to be proud of.

We are described as ambitious and cunning, which in the real world, is something everyone needs to have to achieve ends. If one is always completely honest about every single thing to abdolutely everyone, then that may be the one thing that can hurt you. Forgive me for spouting Hobbes philosophy but I am a firm believer of the realistic perspective that men are inherently evil—that everybody in this world is in it for their gains. Everyone must adapt an attitude of self-preservation to ensure survival.

And speaking of the realistic perspective, it is with this ambition and cunning that leads slytherins to power. Whether it be soft power or hard power, this position entails slytherins to be natural leaders. And to get there, one must be resourceful to identify each and every aspect that may help them reach their destination, whether it be from establishing connections by surrounding yourself with the right people.

Hah, this has gotten out of point and rambly;

I had initially planned on writing about how the sleeves of this sweater remind me of Quidditch uniforms minus the gloves and how if I've always wanted to be a chaser.

I swear Harry Potter is not my only fandom (although it is a thing that makes up about 90% of my life).


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