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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time Turner

Plaid button down from Tommy Hilfiger, Black skater skirt from @glambitionph, Turquiose oxfords from Parisian at SM Department Store, Hat from LOFT, Doraemon Laptop Bag from a gift

I took a really difficult midterm today for USAFORD. We were all expecting to take a standard MCQ type test with scantrons, but instead we were subjected to writing 3 essays about US Foreign Policy. It was hard and unpleasant and I am so glad that it's finally over.

A few moments later, my friend Sarah gave me a Time Turner--oh how I wish this one worked for real. Then again, maybe not. Even if I did go back in time, I still wouldn't be able to answer that dreaded midterm.

Isn't it just the most beautiful thing ever? You can even see the writing on the sides and asgfaslks ♥ Thannk you, Sarah!!!

I actually didn't wear accessories to school today because I was already running late, but then Sarah comes along and gives me a time turner out of nowhere and now I feel complete. My sister loves to make fun of me because there was this one time I was already headed out the door, but I came back because "I almost forgot to accessorize" (which was in reference to a bunch of tumblr posts).

It's kind of a shame that I'm wearing plaid today instead of tomorrow for #WinchesterWednesday. I woke up and it just felt like a Wednesday and I know it's stupid, deep down I knew it was Tuesday because of that midterm but you know how some days just feel like... Wednesdays? Now I feel like I'm in a never ending Tuesday (and I even woke up to Asia's "Heat of the Moment", too)!

These are one of my most favorite shoes but I rarely ever wear them because I'm not too sure how to pair it with my clothes. It's kind of a good thing I have a hat with the exact same shade of turquoise ♥

I also want to use this Time Turner to rewatch a lot of Doraemon episodes. I heard the new movie will be pretty sad and kind of like Toy Story 3.

When I got home, my dad brought out our owl (from my previous post) and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos.



  1. Omg! I was just looking at a time turner on amazon but it was so expensive O_______o
    And I love your ootd, especially the shoes!! :)
    Your owl is so cute xD

    1. Thanks! You can probably get a Time Turner here for much cheaper! :D (@fandomtrinkets on instagram sells a bunch of fandom related accessories forna good price, too!)

  2. your owl's so pretty <3
    omg, love the necklace! ba't nga ba di ko napansin na dumaan ang fandomtrinkets sa college namin ;~;

    1. Dalawin mo si chocnut isang araw! Magdala ka na rin ng daga hahahaha, jk! Thanks, kath!

      Oo nga nung time na pumunta yung fandomtrinkets sa inyo, wala nang nagbenta samin, sayang, gusto pa naman ng friend ko bumili din ;A;)/ pero no fear, they ship! Kung bibili ka, bibili ako :D