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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine (backlog)

Plaid sweater from Fashion Infinity, Pleather skirt from DJ chic Collezionne, SODA boots from Ross

Guess what, I'm wearing plaid because it's Winchester Wednesday (lololol #winchesterwednesday hashtag!!!). Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14 "Captives" aired this morning (Tuesday night for y'all Americans out there) so I mini-celebrated by wearing plaid and spending the afternoon-evening at tea Farm. 

To be a Winchester, you must wear plaid and have brooding faces! haha! By the way, the title of this post comes from the exorcism ritual which means "and from the snares of the devil, free us, lord".

The night before, Belle and I finally finished our outline for our final paper in USCHINA. We had to tackle an issue about Chinese-North Korean relations. Long story short, our whole paper was about how this alliance is beneficial for China in the long run, blah blah (if you want to read the full paper, just comment below and I'd link you).

While waiting for Belle, I ordered a 700mL Matcha Green Tea frappe, it was pretty good but I kind of regretted ordering it, haha!

And then afterwards, when Belle finally arrived, I ordered the most amazing drink ever... A mud slide.

(photo from Tea Farm Philippines on Facebook)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mercury (tumblr)

Red skater skirt from @glambitionph on IG, Black cardigan from Gap, Daisy cropped top from Forever 21, blue braided belt from Rue 21, winged platform wedges from thxtrademall on ebay, cross connector ring from Forever 21, spiked cuffs from H&M, Vivani wristwatch from Macy’s, necklace from Charlotte Russe, Floral headpiece from @cottoncandyonline on IG
I was assigned to play Lucifer in a class skit today. Well, it’s not exactly lucifer, but it’s a character designed to be very sinful and is going to lure the main character into temptation. For the skit, I instead wore red devil horns haha. I’d like to think that this look is more like Mercury than Lucifer, tho!

I chose to wear a crop top to my conservative school because what more scandalous thing is there that’s easily passable as per dress code rules. Of course, I’d started telling the main character that all he needs in the world is sex, drugs, and money.

Also, I love these wedges so much! Whenever I go to #winged wedges, I always see the khaki version of these shoes and it’s almost always linked back to weheartit, urgh. You get these for 26$ on ebay with free shipping! It’s very cheap but looks really cute. You just have to be careful with it, though. When you wear it, it’s very comfortable because the platform makes the heel not as high. However, the black one tends to get lighter and the heels part is almost coming apart. The adhesive on the wings don’t stay on either. But these are easy fixes, really.

this floral circlet makes me feel like an elf from lotr too!

Afterwards, I presented about the Hubble Space Telescope in my materials physics class. Im really not gonna lie, i miss having science classes so much, especially Astronomy, but alas, I am an International Studies major, so I don’t really get to have those privileges.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

priori incantatem

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Floral tank top from Jewels, yellow skater skirt from Greenhills, blue braided belt from Rue 21, grey cardigan from Papaya, blue loafers from SM Department Store, hat from Forever 21, vivani wristwatch from Macy’s, bag from Longchamp
Based from my previous posts, you can probably guess the basic components of my dress sense: skirt + top + cardigan. It’s simple and effortless but looks well put together.

today, my dad and I drove my sister and her family to the airport, afterwards, i was supposed to go to school, but traffic was so intense. Anyway, my group was supposed to practice for our skit on monday but because no one texted me to confirm, i assumed that practice was cancelled.

This is the third floral + yellow look this week. I swear, I don’t really plan my outfits for the whole week (i mostly just plan what im going to wear for the next day), i’m actually surprised that this week has a theme! I guess it’s because i decided to paint my nails a bright sunny yellow with white stripes.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

i am not a robot

Floral dress from Forever 21, White hooded jacket from my sister's closet, Gold airwalk sneakers from Payless Shoe Source, belt from H&M, satchel from Greenhills, robot necklace from Divisoria, Darth Vader ring from Precious Little Trinkets at FB
A good thing happened today, I got the results of our US-China Relations midterms back and i got highest in the class! This revelation surprised me greatly because whoa, I'm honestly not that great and I didn't really study all that much. Ah, but oh well—I still feel amazing.

Then five minutes later, I find out that our Spanish project/presentation was due in four hours. It was really a good thing that today happens to be a Thursday which meant that my Dad probably hasn't left the house yet. I called him up and asked him to take pictures of our living room, kitchen, and backyard and then email them to me. 

I skipped my US Foreign Policy analysis class to work in the library and when It was time for Spanish, our professor handed out our midterm exams as well, and i got highest too! This day just keeps getting better and better! Afterwards, I finally presented my house and hopefully got decent marks even if i spoke really slowly and then really quickly. Hopefully my professor understood what i was trying to say. 

While I was presenting in class, I kept remembering that one text post that's been circulating on my tumblr dash. It went something like how weird it is to have foreign language classes in an elementary level because in your native language, you probably speak articulately, but then in the foreign language, you're reduced to speaking in verses and short sentences for a grade (or something like that).

Before going home, I bumped into one of my influential professors and I told him about my future thesis. He gave me a fist bump and showed great enthusiasm and engaged me in intellectual and thought-provoking conversations which he ended with a list of useful references for my thesis. Which is why I urge all of you to become friends with your professors.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hunter's Helper

Jacket from Live a Little, White cropped top from H&M, camo skater skirt from glambitionph at IG, boots from Marshall’s, watch from BVLGARI, snake ring from Belk, Chain necklace from Greenhills, bag from Chaps
I just realized that I laced my boots differently on each leg, oops.

Anyway, because today is Wednesday, I opted to dress up like what I imagine something fem!Dean to wear, thus, it’s sort of a weekly tradition for me to have “Winchester Wednesdays”. It can be as subtle as wearing plaid prints (on your undies lololol), or wearing a really cool necklace that might remind you of things hunter-y, or a kickass jacket with loads of pockets, or even brown laced up boots.

And I wear these supernatual-inspired outfits on Wednesdays because Supernatural comes on at 10AM Wednesday my time, and I usually spend it hoping and praying that I can connect to my school’s internet so that i can keep refreshing twitter and see spoilers and hashtag supernatural or destiel as much as possible! (I’m helicoptersky on twitter and intagram, in case any of you are wondering.)

Actually, maybe one day, this might escalate into wearing legit supernatural-merch looking accessories. My local fandom accessories provider, fandomtrinkets on IG (where i got my harry potter bracelet from), is going to start selling Supernatural accessories in March! I’m so excited!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vault 713

Blouse from Forever 21, Skirt from Cococabaña at SM Department Store, Satchel from Greenhills, Sandals from Payless, Key Necklace from Divisoria
I went to school real late today because, honestly, I stayed up all night reading this amazing fic okay. It’s the type of fic that when you start reading it, you just know that it’s going to be real good and then you start having giggle fits everywhere.

By the time I finally woke up for realsies, I had enough time to kill before leaving for school. To put it simply, if I left at 12:30nn, then I would arrive in school during my break time and have an hour to kill before my next class. So instead of using that hour in school, I spent it doing god knows what at home. I think I actually started another long fic this morning, I don’t remember how long it would be, probably another 100k++ drarry fic with a sequel (though i’m not quite sure about it’s quality just yet). But no, really, I used up some of that time watching the local variety show and curling my hair!

Ok ok, i know. What a total bother and all that, but hey! I’ve always loved having curls. The thing about my hair is that it’s actually naturally bushy, unruly, curly, and frizzy, so as much as possible, i get it rebonded/straightened. But a few months after that whole ordeal, I can still curl the ends of my hair et voila prettiness level up!! How i wish i knew how to put on makeup too, but then I’d probably be too dolled up for school.

And hey, here’s a new angle of my backyard!! About my outfit, this top is my absolute fave because it kind of makes my upper body look proportional—does it?? I don’t know. And this skirt is actually a really poufy skort! Knowing that accidentally flashing someone is impossible with this “skirt” totally eases my mind because I ride the philippine public transportation everyday to school and sometimes that can be bothersome, especially if you have to resort to acrobatics just to get a ride.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fitchburgh Finches

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The Songbird Dress from As U Wish
Bobeau Hooded cardigan from Nordstrom (same cardigan in navy blue)
Booties from Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Satchel from Thailand
Necklace from CoolCatsMNL on IG and FB
The Fitchburg Finches is an American Quidditch team based in Fitchburgh, Massachusetts that won the American league seven times
- Quidditch Through The Ages 
 A few popular local bands are having a concert on my university today but unfortunately, my Dad didn’t leave me money for the commute ;A;)/ What a Happy Valentine indeed! However, I’m all dressed up because the family is going to have dinner out! I even curled my hair for this but you probably can’t see it on the picture… which gets me to think if i should whip out the real camera and tripod next time, but that’s too much effort though.

We ended up eating at Golden Bay and they had lots of waiters dressed up as cupids and they handed out roses to girls. Usually Golden Bay has this half-price promo for their dimsum—it’s an expensive Chinese restaurant so thing do tend to get price-y. But because it was Valentine’s day, they didn’t have that promo! We chose to eat there anyway because the mall and everywhere else would be too crowded. I mean the number of couples in motorcycles (some motorcyclists wore helmets while their girlfriends didn’t, what douches!!) was alarming and the mall was jampacked… it was almost scary.

Anyway, Golden Bay is a really big Chinese Restaurant and they have tons of VIP rooms that are always booked which is exactly why we think the mafia is there. Hah! I kid, but if it is true, then it truly is a good restaurant worthy of the mafia.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Polyjuice Potion

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Black cover-up from Cotton On,
Striped dress from Greenhills
Blue boat shoes from Crocs
Satchel as a gift from abnormalinsanity from her Thailand trip
Necklace from Greenhills
Snake ring from Belk
Bangle from Belk
Thin chain cross bracelet from Forever21
Vivani wristwatch from Macy’s

I made a point to wear my boat shoes today because sarahmay27 realized that we owned the same pair! We had lunch together and checked out the booths currently set up at the university fair! And then Sarah got her name henna’ed in gallifreyan! Ah, the life of geeks.

Because tomorrow is Valentine’s day, I’ve already given out four cupcakes to my friends. Valentine’s day is, sadly (at least in my case), on a Friday and not a lot of my friends will go to school (my university usually doesn’t hold classes on Fridays) which was why I gave my friends their early Valentines (i’ll be sort of expecting y’all to reciprocate my hard work one way or another on White Day, ok??? I kid, i kid. No, but really.)

For Gio, i baked him brazo de mercedes cups because we’re both suckers for brazo de mercedes. Traditionally, it’s a roll cake, but for easier transportation, I decided to just pipe it in cupcake molds.

Then for Belle, Lorenzo, and Sarah, i baked them Hagrid Chocolate Rock cakes—i call them as such because they were accidentally hard as rock (I dropped the flour on the mixture, oops) but apparently the frosting was nice. I don’t know about them but they kept insisting that it was okay and the “texture is great” and aaah my friends love me so much. It was my first time making cupcakes, too!

This doesn’t mean that Gio got special attention because his was a semi-perfect brazo de mercedes cupcake. The only reason he got a brazo cupcake instead of the rock cake was because i made his on monday evening instead of wednesday evening. Plus, he snuck me into that astronomy lecture, so, yeah. (Not to mention that Brazo is my favorite ever so i’ve been trying to perfect it, but it is soooo troublesome to package because it can get sticky and it’s really soft and it would squish if I bring more than one!).

Let this be a promise to make better cupcakes for my lovely friends next time i get the chance.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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White shirt from TJ Maxx
Navy blue trouser shorts from Papaya
Braided belt from H&M
Heels from Charlotte Russe
WilsonJones envelope from Office Depot
Bangles from Divisoria
Owl ring from Forever21
Darth Vader ring from Precious Little Trinkets on Facebook
Necklace from CoolCatsMNL

Today is a rare day of me wearing shorts and heels (granted that I didn’t really do a lot of walking today, I only had one class today, after all).

Monday, February 10, 2014

Aurora Sinistra

Nebula button down with cape from SM Department Store
Black cardigan from Gap
Tan skater skirt from Greenhills
Brown combat boots from Marshall’s
Gianni Bernini bag from Macy’s
Vivani wristwatch from Macy’s
Harry Potter bracelet from fandomtrinkets at IG

Today was dedicated to alternative classes—it’s kinda that thing my university requires students to do where they enroll in a class/elective of their choice for one day.

The class I really wanted, however, was already full by the time I tried to enroll. So instead, I enrolled in Fancy Blogging 101 to hear Dominique Tiu ( and Paul Chuapoco ( give tips about fashion blogging and whatnot. Because this was an afternoon seminar, I had the free time to sneak into my first choice: A Journey Beyond the Stars.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the one of the organizers for the astronomy lecture was Gio (If you’ve read my past few text posts, you’d probably know who Gio is).

The astronomy lecture was beyond amazing. Granted that it was just a basic intro to astronomy lecture, it was still amazing because the speaker related it back to climate change (plus I really miss having science courses, and this was a pleasant change of pace from International Relations). Of course, I asked a lot of questions and probably surprised the speaker when I told him I wasn’t from the College of Science at all. They invited me to join the Philippine Astronomical Society, too!!

Then later, I got to meet two of the prominent blogger personalities of the country and omg they were so nice and attractive (=゚ω゚)ノ Aaaa, but I’m not a fashion blogger though. I don’t really follow or talk about the trends strictly… I only wish to document the clothes I’ve worn (so I don’t accidentally repeat the same outfit next week).

After everything, I hung out at the library with Gio and we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on my iPad (it’s a good thing he doesn’t know about my blog because whoaa i am absolutely smitten with him).

I just realized how my outfit sort of incorporated my day’s schedule. It’s mainly about astronomy, eccentric pieces (my cape!!!), and Harry Potter afterwards. This is the reason why I love dressing up because when you actually take the time to think about what you’re going to wear, you’re basically thinking about what you’re going to tell the whole world. It’s another form of expression and another form of conversation starters.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Cream Circus Crop top from Genevieve Gozum, Black skater skirt from glambitionph on IG, pink two-laced Converse, Vivani interchangeable strap watch from Macy’s, pink jacket from Greenhills, neon pink shoulder bag from Aeropostalé.

I was feeling very pink today!

It’s almost Valentine’s day and it’s also my school’s University Week so we have a lot of booths and activities set up in school—one of which is a henna booth!

You can see my last name written in Gallifreyan on my forearm (I wanted to have the anti-demonic possession sigil on my forearm but I go to a Christian school and they might misunderstand, I also wanted the Deathly Hallows symbol but that one was too simple).

Today, I wore a really cute circus-themed crop top and a black skater skirt (which is my favorite combination), but because crop tops are against the dress code, I wore a pink jacket over it. I also matched my outfit with my pink converse and a neon pink shoulder bag and my pink watch.

Also, because it’s almost Valentine’s day, I also decided to have a cutesy Valentine’s themed nail art!

I hope I remember to take a picture of my outfit for tomorrow (=゚ω゚)ノ

Sunday, February 2, 2014