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Friday, March 21, 2014

GCW: Green

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Skirt from Forever 21, Sandals from People are People, Shirt from Belk

This is the outfit that has troubled me most. I just realized last night that I barely have any green shirts in my closet. That's kind of embarrassing because my university's colors are green and I'm also a Slytherin.

Also, I have a confession to make, I didn't actually go to school looking like this. I barely wore any accessories and I certainly didn't have enough time to fix my hair. When I got home, I fixed myself up the way I would've if I had time to spare in the morning, anyway. I did have time to do all those, but I left early in order to get to my 8am class on time only to find out that our class was cancelled! Ugh.

Oh well.

This is my favorite skirt just because it has pockets--pockets!!!! I believe that everything should have pockets, however because I wear women's clothing, not much of my clothes have pockets. Why, though? I hate it. Dresses don't have pockets, skirts don't have pockets, our jeans don't have pockets (fake pockets are just... no)... while men's clothing have pockets that can fit pocket books. It's not fair.

I honestly don't have much pictures because I looked way too goofy in the shots and was too tired to re-take them. I always look so different when I put my hair up or when I wear earrings... I'm still not used to it.

photo grabbed from jam

For lunch, my college friends and I ate at Topside Diner. I wish I could've taken photos but I don't own a fancy smart phone, but I promised one of my friends that I'd take him there on Monday, so I'd probably take pictures on Monday instead. (So wait for my real post about this lovely restaurant coming on Monday!)

All I'm telling is that the food here is great and they're located directly in front of St. Scho's.


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