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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hunter's Helper

Jacket from Live a Little, White cropped top from H&M, camo skater skirt from glambitionph at IG, boots from Marshall’s, watch from BVLGARI, snake ring from Belk, Chain necklace from Greenhills, bag from Chaps
I just realized that I laced my boots differently on each leg, oops.

Anyway, because today is Wednesday, I opted to dress up like what I imagine something fem!Dean to wear, thus, it’s sort of a weekly tradition for me to have “Winchester Wednesdays”. It can be as subtle as wearing plaid prints (on your undies lololol), or wearing a really cool necklace that might remind you of things hunter-y, or a kickass jacket with loads of pockets, or even brown laced up boots.

And I wear these supernatual-inspired outfits on Wednesdays because Supernatural comes on at 10AM Wednesday my time, and I usually spend it hoping and praying that I can connect to my school’s internet so that i can keep refreshing twitter and see spoilers and hashtag supernatural or destiel as much as possible! (I’m helicoptersky on twitter and intagram, in case any of you are wondering.)

Actually, maybe one day, this might escalate into wearing legit supernatural-merch looking accessories. My local fandom accessories provider, fandomtrinkets on IG (where i got my harry potter bracelet from), is going to start selling Supernatural accessories in March! I’m so excited!


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