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Monday, February 17, 2014

Vault 713

Blouse from Forever 21, Skirt from CococabaƱa at SM Department Store, Satchel from Greenhills, Sandals from Payless, Key Necklace from Divisoria
I went to school real late today because, honestly, I stayed up all night reading this amazing fic okay. It’s the type of fic that when you start reading it, you just know that it’s going to be real good and then you start having giggle fits everywhere.

By the time I finally woke up for realsies, I had enough time to kill before leaving for school. To put it simply, if I left at 12:30nn, then I would arrive in school during my break time and have an hour to kill before my next class. So instead of using that hour in school, I spent it doing god knows what at home. I think I actually started another long fic this morning, I don’t remember how long it would be, probably another 100k++ drarry fic with a sequel (though i’m not quite sure about it’s quality just yet). But no, really, I used up some of that time watching the local variety show and curling my hair!

Ok ok, i know. What a total bother and all that, but hey! I’ve always loved having curls. The thing about my hair is that it’s actually naturally bushy, unruly, curly, and frizzy, so as much as possible, i get it rebonded/straightened. But a few months after that whole ordeal, I can still curl the ends of my hair et voila prettiness level up!! How i wish i knew how to put on makeup too, but then I’d probably be too dolled up for school.

And hey, here’s a new angle of my backyard!! About my outfit, this top is my absolute fave because it kind of makes my upper body look proportional—does it?? I don’t know. And this skirt is actually a really poufy skort! Knowing that accidentally flashing someone is impossible with this “skirt” totally eases my mind because I ride the philippine public transportation everyday to school and sometimes that can be bothersome, especially if you have to resort to acrobatics just to get a ride.


  1. God I am SUCH a fan of your outfits!! I know that shirt!! <3 Also, I could definitely enhance your makeup knowledge!! ;) And FYI, you can NEVER be too-dolled up for school! :) That's just what I think!

    1. this is my most photographed shirt!!!!!!! i swearrrr haha (and i'm pretty sure you know this shirt! i wore this on my graduation party after all!) ♥♥♥ i wanna learn how to do makeup so that's your job when you get here, ok? :D :D ♥