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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mercury (tumblr)

Red skater skirt from @glambitionph on IG, Black cardigan from Gap, Daisy cropped top from Forever 21, blue braided belt from Rue 21, winged platform wedges from thxtrademall on ebay, cross connector ring from Forever 21, spiked cuffs from H&M, Vivani wristwatch from Macy’s, necklace from Charlotte Russe, Floral headpiece from @cottoncandyonline on IG
I was assigned to play Lucifer in a class skit today. Well, it’s not exactly lucifer, but it’s a character designed to be very sinful and is going to lure the main character into temptation. For the skit, I instead wore red devil horns haha. I’d like to think that this look is more like Mercury than Lucifer, tho!

I chose to wear a crop top to my conservative school because what more scandalous thing is there that’s easily passable as per dress code rules. Of course, I’d started telling the main character that all he needs in the world is sex, drugs, and money.

Also, I love these wedges so much! Whenever I go to #winged wedges, I always see the khaki version of these shoes and it’s almost always linked back to weheartit, urgh. You get these for 26$ on ebay with free shipping! It’s very cheap but looks really cute. You just have to be careful with it, though. When you wear it, it’s very comfortable because the platform makes the heel not as high. However, the black one tends to get lighter and the heels part is almost coming apart. The adhesive on the wings don’t stay on either. But these are easy fixes, really.

this floral circlet makes me feel like an elf from lotr too!

Afterwards, I presented about the Hubble Space Telescope in my materials physics class. Im really not gonna lie, i miss having science classes so much, especially Astronomy, but alas, I am an International Studies major, so I don’t really get to have those privileges.

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    nuff said.

    1. you can buy them on ebay!!! I did when I was there and shipping/etc was okay! it felt safe and when it finally arrived I was so excited (really really excited!)