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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Polyjuice Potion

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Black cover-up from Cotton On,
Striped dress from Greenhills
Blue boat shoes from Crocs
Satchel as a gift from abnormalinsanity from her Thailand trip
Necklace from Greenhills
Snake ring from Belk
Bangle from Belk
Thin chain cross bracelet from Forever21
Vivani wristwatch from Macy’s

I made a point to wear my boat shoes today because sarahmay27 realized that we owned the same pair! We had lunch together and checked out the booths currently set up at the university fair! And then Sarah got her name henna’ed in gallifreyan! Ah, the life of geeks.

Because tomorrow is Valentine’s day, I’ve already given out four cupcakes to my friends. Valentine’s day is, sadly (at least in my case), on a Friday and not a lot of my friends will go to school (my university usually doesn’t hold classes on Fridays) which was why I gave my friends their early Valentines (i’ll be sort of expecting y’all to reciprocate my hard work one way or another on White Day, ok??? I kid, i kid. No, but really.)

For Gio, i baked him brazo de mercedes cups because we’re both suckers for brazo de mercedes. Traditionally, it’s a roll cake, but for easier transportation, I decided to just pipe it in cupcake molds.

Then for Belle, Lorenzo, and Sarah, i baked them Hagrid Chocolate Rock cakes—i call them as such because they were accidentally hard as rock (I dropped the flour on the mixture, oops) but apparently the frosting was nice. I don’t know about them but they kept insisting that it was okay and the “texture is great” and aaah my friends love me so much. It was my first time making cupcakes, too!

This doesn’t mean that Gio got special attention because his was a semi-perfect brazo de mercedes cupcake. The only reason he got a brazo cupcake instead of the rock cake was because i made his on monday evening instead of wednesday evening. Plus, he snuck me into that astronomy lecture, so, yeah. (Not to mention that Brazo is my favorite ever so i’ve been trying to perfect it, but it is soooo troublesome to package because it can get sticky and it’s really soft and it would squish if I bring more than one!).

Let this be a promise to make better cupcakes for my lovely friends next time i get the chance.


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