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Thursday, February 20, 2014

i am not a robot

Floral dress from Forever 21, White hooded jacket from my sister's closet, Gold airwalk sneakers from Payless Shoe Source, belt from H&M, satchel from Greenhills, robot necklace from Divisoria, Darth Vader ring from Precious Little Trinkets at FB
A good thing happened today, I got the results of our US-China Relations midterms back and i got highest in the class! This revelation surprised me greatly because whoa, I'm honestly not that great and I didn't really study all that much. Ah, but oh well—I still feel amazing.

Then five minutes later, I find out that our Spanish project/presentation was due in four hours. It was really a good thing that today happens to be a Thursday which meant that my Dad probably hasn't left the house yet. I called him up and asked him to take pictures of our living room, kitchen, and backyard and then email them to me. 

I skipped my US Foreign Policy analysis class to work in the library and when It was time for Spanish, our professor handed out our midterm exams as well, and i got highest too! This day just keeps getting better and better! Afterwards, I finally presented my house and hopefully got decent marks even if i spoke really slowly and then really quickly. Hopefully my professor understood what i was trying to say. 

While I was presenting in class, I kept remembering that one text post that's been circulating on my tumblr dash. It went something like how weird it is to have foreign language classes in an elementary level because in your native language, you probably speak articulately, but then in the foreign language, you're reduced to speaking in verses and short sentences for a grade (or something like that).

Before going home, I bumped into one of my influential professors and I told him about my future thesis. He gave me a fist bump and showed great enthusiasm and engaged me in intellectual and thought-provoking conversations which he ended with a list of useful references for my thesis. Which is why I urge all of you to become friends with your professors.


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