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Friday, February 21, 2014

priori incantatem

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Floral tank top from Jewels, yellow skater skirt from Greenhills, blue braided belt from Rue 21, grey cardigan from Papaya, blue loafers from SM Department Store, hat from Forever 21, vivani wristwatch from Macy’s, bag from Longchamp
Based from my previous posts, you can probably guess the basic components of my dress sense: skirt + top + cardigan. It’s simple and effortless but looks well put together.

today, my dad and I drove my sister and her family to the airport, afterwards, i was supposed to go to school, but traffic was so intense. Anyway, my group was supposed to practice for our skit on monday but because no one texted me to confirm, i assumed that practice was cancelled.

This is the third floral + yellow look this week. I swear, I don’t really plan my outfits for the whole week (i mostly just plan what im going to wear for the next day), i’m actually surprised that this week has a theme! I guess it’s because i decided to paint my nails a bright sunny yellow with white stripes.


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