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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fitchburgh Finches

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The Songbird Dress from As U Wish
Bobeau Hooded cardigan from Nordstrom (same cardigan in navy blue)
Booties from Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Satchel from Thailand
Necklace from CoolCatsMNL on IG and FB
The Fitchburg Finches is an American Quidditch team based in Fitchburgh, Massachusetts that won the American league seven times
- Quidditch Through The Ages 
 A few popular local bands are having a concert on my university today but unfortunately, my Dad didn’t leave me money for the commute ;A;)/ What a Happy Valentine indeed! However, I’m all dressed up because the family is going to have dinner out! I even curled my hair for this but you probably can’t see it on the picture… which gets me to think if i should whip out the real camera and tripod next time, but that’s too much effort though.

We ended up eating at Golden Bay and they had lots of waiters dressed up as cupids and they handed out roses to girls. Usually Golden Bay has this half-price promo for their dimsum—it’s an expensive Chinese restaurant so thing do tend to get price-y. But because it was Valentine’s day, they didn’t have that promo! We chose to eat there anyway because the mall and everywhere else would be too crowded. I mean the number of couples in motorcycles (some motorcyclists wore helmets while their girlfriends didn’t, what douches!!) was alarming and the mall was jampacked… it was almost scary.

Anyway, Golden Bay is a really big Chinese Restaurant and they have tons of VIP rooms that are always booked which is exactly why we think the mafia is there. Hah! I kid, but if it is true, then it truly is a good restaurant worthy of the mafia.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


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