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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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White shirt from TJ Maxx
Navy blue trouser shorts from Papaya
Braided belt from H&M
Heels from Charlotte Russe
WilsonJones envelope from Office Depot
Bangles from Divisoria
Owl ring from Forever21
Darth Vader ring from Precious Little Trinkets on Facebook
Necklace from CoolCatsMNL

Today is a rare day of me wearing shorts and heels (granted that I didn’t really do a lot of walking today, I only had one class today, after all).


  1. Oh my god. This outfit. It's so perfect I could cry.You're really working it!! I LOVE IT! This outfit is just so simple yet extremely classy. The colors clash in the best way possible.

    1. yooo i love this outfit too! (and it totally felt awkard the first time because i'm not used to wearing shorts and heels) but i really really felt like a... respectable person??? hahaha! (like a journalist for the Daily Prophet... or a stenographer for the Wizengamot or something)