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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AMSTUD Field Trip

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On March 21st, my fellow American Studies classmates and I went on a field trip to the US Embassy in Manila (follow them on twitter and facebook)and to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.

I would've taken pictures but because I knew we were going to the US Embassy, I figured that we weren't allowed to bring electronics. This is why I went to school with nothing--no phone, no iPad, and foolishly enough, no ID (it was a good thing they still let me inside). However, my classmates brought their fancy smartphones and just surrendered them upon entrance.

Which is why all the pictures here were from my classmates. Mostly by Justine, though because she was my bus buddy!

This is the whole gang. My friends and I all sat at the very far end of the bus because that's where the cool kids sit. It's kind of funny how we were all told to wear blue--the passers-by must have assumed we were from our rival university.

Me and Justine with Alaine's derpy face. It was also really cold in the bus. 

We were obviously not allowed to take pictures in the US Embassy but what I can say is that I learned so much from the speakers they brought in at the Thomas Jefferson Information Center and that the interior and exterior of the place was amazing and filled with so much history. I can't wait to work there someday.

For lunch, we ate at Kpub BBQ (also on Facebook). It's one of those restaurants where they bring you your food raw and you'd have to cook it yourself which was very unfortunate for us because we weren't sure if the meat we were eating was already cooked. 

Later on when the attendant came by to get more of our orders, she told us that the meat we were cooking were already burnt. All of the meat we ate were burnt. Oops.

Here's everyone again.

Once finished eating, we all went to the parking lot to wait for the bus. It took a long time but at least we weren't waiting for the bus in the rain.

While waiting for the bus everyone went wild and took a whole bunch of oscar selfies. This guy on the bottom right is as big as a moose with a longer reach so he can include waaaay more people on his selfies.

and more goofy shots. 

Before going to the cemetery, we were told off for taking goofy pictures and were warned to pay respects to the dead and not be too hyper.

The cemetery was beautiful. This picture doesn't give justice to the symmetry and order of the crosses (and some Stars of David).

The chapel.

The view of Taguig


The Star Spangled Banner

Taguig. You can see the straight white rows behind the trees.

The place was massive.

Behind Justine you can see names etched on the wall. These are the people who were Missing In Action.

I felt really bad wearing my High School National History Club shirt because I sincerely don't want History to Repeat itself, but it was the only blue shirt I own and we were told to wear jeans and I really hate jeans as well.

This place was so pretty, ok? It was well kept and very peaceful. I wish I can return here soon.


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