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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Eeylops Owl Emporium

Asymmetrical dress from Hot and Delicious, black jacket from Market! Market!, gold necklace from Charlotte Russe, Floral headpiece from @cottoncandyonline on Instagram, gold bangles from H&M, Gold cross connector ring from Forever 21, heels from White House Black Market, gold clutch from Arden B.


Hello, meet my owl, Chocnut. He's an Eastern Grass Owl and unfortunately, he does not deliver mail.

He eats mice everyday which can get a bit expensive. It's really hard to feed him because you'd have to knock the mice unconscious first before feeding him... sometimes, you tend to get attached to the cute little mice.

One time, our driver caught a huge rat in his house. It was about as wide as my forearm and nearly as long as Chocnut himself. He enjoyed eating this rat. He started by piercing a slit on the back of the rat's neck and then slurping the innards. He fed on that rat for about two days.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to my friend Sarah's debut. 

Sarah's party had a winter theme and I probably figured that that translated into "blue" and "winds", which was precisely why I wore a bluish asymmetrical dress (because the flowy ends look as if there's a slight breeze or something).

I was also one of the 18 candles—and to me, that's quite amazing, really. I've never really been legitly part of a debut program before, so hopefully I didn't do too much of a bad job.

Here's a bad picture of my gift to Sarah! I can probably disclose what I got her now that her party's over (I do she's opened her gift already). I "carefully" chose these items for her. It's a shame (not really) that I wasn't part of the 18 treasures instead! Haha! I wanted to tell her ASAP what these gifts were and why i chose them, so instead of saying it infront of everyone, I'll put it here instead.

1. My own copy of Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" — I opted to give her one of my personal favorite books instead of buying a new one. There was this quote I read somewhere that said something like books are windows to your soul. With each book, you spend a considerable amount of time with it and you share this adventure together; the book gives you a part of itself, and in return, so do you. By giving her my own well-loved copy, I had hoped to somewhat be part of the journey she'd go through while reading "Cat's Cradle". 

A few weeks before her birthday, she asked me about which kind of genre I enjoyed reading most. I told her it was sci-fi dystopia with hints of war and the like. I told her anything by Vonnegut would be perfect, thus, i opted to give her a copy to save her from the trouble of looking for one instead.

2. A pack of cute post-its — I have this habit of always tagging the books I read (or writing on them, hah! I'm so sorry). It was sort of a habit I picked up from High School AP Lit. I put post-its on parts which I find interesting or particularly symbolic and what not ("How to Read Literature Like a Professor" by Thomas C. Foster, anyone?). I do this because I love to analyze works of fiction. For "Cat's Cradle", however, I had already removed my post-its from my copy so that when Sarah starts the book, she won't have any breadcrumbs... no spoilers whatsoever.

3. A microwaveable tea cup — Obviously, a warm cup always goes perfectly with any book! Although I do have a confession to make; I'm not quite sure if this cup is microwaveable... there was no indication on the cup whatsoever. The saleslady told me it was, though, so I'm trusting her. (Sarah, if you are reading this and it turns out that it wasn't microwaveable after all, I am so sorry!!!)

4. The dry ingredients of a microwaveable chocolate mug cake — to go along with the microwaveable cup. I am a sucker for DIY because it makes me feel productive and like I can fend for myself. I wanted to share that feeling with Sarah!

5. A sachet of Twinnings Earl Grey Tea — also to go along with the cup. A nice warm cup of tea with a good book is perfect.

The only thing missing from this set was either a warm, cozy blanket, or socks.

I don't have pictures from the party, though! :( I'd have to wait for the official pictures (which I'll add on to this post once I do get it!)

But being part of the 18 candles means that you have to give her a "wish" and this is what I told her: 

Before i start, i want to Thank you for thursdays. 

Now that you're 18, you have more opportunities open to you. You are now fully capable of taking them and squeezing every single benefit to your advantage. You can do it.

But before you start, I want to share a few pieces of advice and things you should not ever forget. And these things I'm going to tell you are things that hold a very special place in our heart.

Be the hoper of far flung hopes, and the dreamer of impossible dreams. Because In dreams, you go to a world that is entirely your own. But then again, no dream is impossible because you already know that if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be truth.

Only you can simply walk into Mordor. 

remember that life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa. The bad things don't necesarilly spoil the good things or make them unimportant. Because Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, as long as you remember to turn on the light.

But if you're still stuck on one particular thing, just EXTERMINATE. make it KNEEL and bow down before you. You have an army. 

These events, they're gonna happen fast. They're damn near impossible to see. So, don't blink.

Finally, as you embark on your journey, may the odds be ever in your favor. Use the force.And boldly go where no one has gone before.

As i end my speech, i want to ask you; All of time and space, everything that ever happened, or ever will, where do you wanna start?

Our friendship is based on so many fandom references so I thought that by putting a lot of fandom references in this simple wish, it would mean more because now, it doesn't come from just me... It also comes from all of the characters that we've devoted most of our lives to. Haha!

Whoa, this has gotten long. I had quite a lot of fun at the party (i sat next to her high school friends instead of the college table, oops! It was because I sat next to our mutual friend, Jasper!!).


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