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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GCW: Yellow

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Yellow button down from Papaya, Houndstooth print skirt from Candies at Kohl's, White loafers from Nine West, bangles from Rue 21, Earrings and Necklace from gifts

Day 2 of Google Campus Week and I still haven't gotten a chance to get a free Kitkat. I've been coming to school real late so that by the time I arrive in line, supplies have already gone!

Anyway, true to this week's theme, I dressed up in black and white + google color of the day. For some reason, this outfit makes me feel so 80s, old western, or like the family business is a Texan ranch farm or something. This is probably why I decided to wear my hair in braided pigtails!

I wasn't really planning on "fixing" my hair today (which is why when this picture was taken, my hair was still somewhat a mess). Also, I really really love this skirt because it instantly glams up any outfit. Before I knew that this print was called "houndstooth", I've always referred to this as my cow print skirt... please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks these look like cow prints. Maybe that's why I feel like I work in a ranch/farm.

This post also marks the first time I've worn earrings and not worn my glasses for this blog. You know how I mostly take my own photos and run towards the viewpoint to beat the self-timer? Well, imagine doing that with impaired vision--it's not that fun. Also, yesterday I mentioned tremors on my legs, right? Today I woke up and my leg muscles hurt so much. I'm still not sure what's wrong with me--I don't remember over exerting myself yesterday.

To finish off the look, I decided to use this bright orange bag today! I didn't bring much to school today--just a pen, a sheet of paper, and my phone! This is why I can never take "what's in my bag" posts that seriously because I don't really bring much... unless I actively pack my bag with enough time. Most of the time, I'm running late and I always change my bag everyday so I just take the essentials. Somedays I don't even bring a pen! x.x

Oh, well.


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