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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quick Room Tour

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This is just a quick post that I decided to do on a whim. You know how you tend to get incredible ideas in the middle of the night (or early morning, in my case) and you just have to do it no matter what? I don't even understand why, in the mornings (or afternoons, haha), I'm always so adamantly lazy that anything and everything is met with procrastination. But then when all the lights are turned off and everyone's asleep, I suddenly feel the need to be the most productive person ever. I wanted to tidy up my room, so I did. I wanted to reorganize my closet, which I also did (i'll probably do a closet organization tip post soon). I wanted to do all these blog posts, read everything, write a novel, paint a bunch of random crap and I can't afford to make a racket at two in the morning on a school night, no less.

Anyway, I had just cleaned my room and it kind of looks a bit more presentable, and I'm actually insanely proud of this. You'll notice that some parts are still slightly messy, but I find that if it's too immaculate then it doesn't look like a person lives there—not really, I was just too tired to straighten them up a bit.

Now, before I show the five pictures (wow, just five pictures? This isn't a room tour! It's a room layout tour! I think a room tour should show what's hidden in the drawers with organization tips or for inspiration or whatever), I want to say that I share this room with my older sister, but lately she's been sleeping in the guest room/library downstairs so all her stuff are here as well.

Here you can see the desk that I hardly spend my time on lately. If there's one thing you should know about me is that I prefer to study lying down on the bed or on the floor. 

But this is where I put my laptop (which my sister has started borrowing indefinitly). My tablet is stored in that small drawer with a bunch of pens and pencils. On the top drawer on the right side, I put all my art materials like paint, clay, colored pencils, markers... etc.

This desk actually belonged to my Dad. I believe this is the desk he used when he studied for the bar.

On that shelf thing in the right, I've just got a bunch of books, notebooks from previous years, some board games, an assortment of papers (watercolor paper, scrapbook paper, printer paper), make-up (haha, this is so laughable because I barely even know how to use make-up), perfumes and lotions.

On the left side of the picture, you can see steep stairs/ladder on the mirror which leads to my real room which is in the loft! I didn't really take a picture of the daybed on the left because I kind of forgot and I'm too lazy to do it now, so I'll probably make a better post soon.

The closet on the right belongs to my sister. In this room there are three closets; mine, my sisters, and what is now the linen closet. The loft is right above those built in closets.

This is the view from the loft. Oh! You can see the daybed in this picture! 

Welcome to my bed! I know, it's just a mattress but it's on a platform and i'm not really all that comfortable with those high beds because something could be down there and you just don't know and you can never be too careful. I'm just kidding (no, I'm not)!

In the left side, i've put up a bunch of my favorite photos of friends and family. Hopefully, this pile/collage would get bigger soon. And then you see a bunch of stuffed animals. My older sisters and I have been huge teddy bear fans our entire life. No matter how grown up I am, I still feel guilty if I don't at least include them in my life or something because I might hurt their feelings. Besides, "Toy Story" really made a lasting effect on me, and the "Velveteen Rabbit" fully convinced me that stuffed animals are alive and they have feelings, too, okay?

That pink flower lamp on the top left is the oldest thing in the entire house, according to my dad.

This is my ceiling. It's an "accurate" representation of the night sky. Haha, i'm kidding—when i say accurate, I actually mean that it's just... scaled? Err...

The constellations on this picture are Orion and Canis major. The size of the star (limited due to availability) corresponds to the magnitude, so the two big ones on the center are Betelgeuse (top) and Sirius (bottom). Like the photo collage, hopefully this one grows more as well. (Please send me glow in the dark stars in varying sizes, I would be eternally grateful.)

Last is this picture where it just shows the left side of my bed. There are two "shelves", one is mine (red) and the other is my sister's (wood). Honestly, it's still needs a bit more order but, it doesn't really look like a typhoon blasted it way around it so i'm currently leaving it as is.

I'll probably re-do this post sometime soon when i'm feeling more productive in the middle of the night.

It's 2:15 am, i've done the thing i've been telling myself to do for the past other 2 AMs lately, and i'm going to go try to sleep (but not before reading a fic or five and checking tumblr).

"Good night"


  1. aHHH THIS IS SO COOL i love it so much!!! ((I'd definitely want that closet organization tip post cause I'm in the middle of redoing my room and the next project is cleaning out my closet lmao))

    1. Afjstjst thanks, katie!!!! :D the closet organization post will probably come sometime this week (but it won't be too different from the one i posted moonths back on tumblr) :DD good luck redoing your room!!