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Monday, March 3, 2014

Asphodel and Wormwood

If you mix powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood, you brew a sleeping potion so powerful that it's aptly named the Draught of Living Death. I feel like I've injested a small dosage of that recently because the other night I slept for 15 hours straight, lazed around for about five hours, and then promptly went back to sleep for another 10 hours.

I guess you have Procops to blame for that (and Ratbirds, too). He's just so warm and soft.

Not much happened at school today, really. In fact, not much happened today at all. All I did was finally fix this blog and hopefully make my move from tumblr permanent (just this blog, I wouldn't leave my fandom blog for anything!)

This post is probably my first post that is formatted in the "proper" fashion blogger style—what do i mean by that? Haha! I mean that it's my first post with multiple pictures of the same outfit instead of just the one.

Striped knit top from Splash Fashions (2xtremZ), Floral dress worn as a skirt from Charlotte Russe, white loafers from Nine West, White purse with gold chain from Giorgio Beverly Hills (which I got from my mom's closet), DIY flower crown, pearl bracelet from Greenhills, Vivani Wristwatch

I'm gonna tell you right now because I've honestly never read this in any of the other blogs before.  I felt really silly taking these pictures. I had to set up the tripod and the camera and then set the self-timer, and then run towards the front before the ten seconds are up! (I don't want to expose you guys to my derp looking pictures of me in the middle of running!) I mean, i'm content with just using my iPad's front camera and self timer but the quality of the photos are just so different.

And then for other shots, I asked our househelp to take them for me.

The floral print — I really love partnering floral prints with stripes.

My mom's shoes — seriously, guys, these are the comfiest pair of shoes ever. They're just so soft, it's like you're walking on clouds.

And my mom's purse.

And things that I always wear. Most of my watches are from Vivani (because you can somehow see my name on that, which I think is cool). 

And here's me taking a mirror shot before I got the courage to ask our househelp for help. 


  1. I love what you did to the dress and the shirt :)

    1. Thanks, Bianca! ♥

      This style is such an easy way to revamp your dresses into making it look like a different piece of clothing (plus I don't really like having my arms/shoulders bare and wearing cardigans in this weather has been hard lately!)