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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GCW: Red

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Polkadot top from Ross, grey cardigan from Papaya, Red skater skirt from @glambitionph on Instagram, black and silver flats from Parisian at SM Department

For some strange reason, i've been shaking a lot today. It's like, when i'm sitting down, my right leg starts shaking. Actually, it's more like when i try to stay still. I shake real bad on my leg or on my forearm and it's kinda freaky because I can't stop it and I kind of loose balance... needless to say, it was very hard to take these pictures today.

Especially on these swings because every slight movement causes the whole thing to swing.

Anyway, about this outfit, I decided to go with the theme of monochrome + the google color of the day so that it would be coherent for the whole week! I wasn't able to get a free kit-kat though because I didn't attend morning classes. The bar exam results went up today and everyone in the family was anxious for my older sister... sad to say that she didn't make it this year, but i guess that means she gets a second chance to top the bar!

Taking this shot was hard too because i couldn't stand still and tried my best to not lose my balance. I've been desperately looking for black flats and for some reason, whenever i set out to buy one, nothingis ever good enough. I settled for these flats last Friday because they were on sale and they were so shiny that I just had to have them.

This is also the first time I've tied my hair this way on this blog! I called my aunt last night and she wanted me to do more things to my hair. This hairstyle was neat for the first few hours, but then wind got in the way and bam, unruly hair once more. u.u oh well, i can't help it that my hair has a mind of its own.

By the way, today's pictures were taken by my eldest sister!!! Most of the pictures on this blog are taken through self-timer or by our maid, but today it was by my eldest sister! This is because our dad just picked us all up and said that we were going to attend a party in Cavite and it was all so last minute anyway.


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