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Monday, March 10, 2014

House Pride

Dress from Greenhills, Black Cardigan from Ross, Grey Wedges from Lucky brand

Okay, I know this is sort of a late post, but when we got back last night, we were all so tired and stuffed and just wanted to crash on the bed and sleep for the week.

Gold bangle as a gift, cross connector ring from Forever 21, cuffs from H&M

But wait, why am I so "dressed up" (if by dressed up, you mean wearing heels)? 

Yesterday was the baptism of my nephew, José León. 

We were instructed to wear something inspired by the mafia, and i'm not really sure I understood what that means because all I thought of was black and gold et voila.... mafia.

I think I did a good enough job because I ended up having the same motiff as a Johnnie Walker bottle.

I specifically wore this dress yesterday because it matched the tablecloth on the restaurant my family and I are going to eat in later on in the day.

See how pretty this restaurant is? We ate at the Golden Bay Restaurant for dinner.

Notice how the embossed pattern on my dress totally fits with the tablecloth, right? I was so excited, too! When we got to our table, they instead laid out the red tablecloth and it made me feel so bad because I own the exact same dress in the exact shade of red as well!

This all looks so Gryffindor, huh? Which fits, too because my nephew is named after the lion. I initially named this post "Gryffindor" but then I noticed that most of the colors present were more Hufflepuff than Gryffindor, which kind of doesn't make sense because I'm a proud Slytherin, but there isn't a speck of Ravenclaw here anywhere... basically, I'm not really sure what to name this post.

This is Circus (follow her on instagram @instacircus) and she took the opportunity to claim a bishops hat napkin! We forgot to take pictures of the food because when it arrived, we were so overwhelmed that we had to dig in immediately. The food here is amazing! (I think they have their menu available online as well).

We actually booked a VIP room (which is why the tablecloth is different).

And here is the cake I made for Leon. It's chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing and it's supposed to be a lion, but whoaa, baking cakes in your toaster oven is hard. I don't even know how to ice properly and baking this cake was a disaster. After baking, I passed out and slept for 13 hours. (I baked this on Saturday night so that I won't have anything to worry about on Sunday morning).

Next time, I'll definitely try harder with baking cakes, or maybe I should just stick to cookies from now on. 


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