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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fizzing Whizzbees

Wide sleeved shirt from Fad District, Pink skater skirt with suspenders from DJ chic Collezionne, Sneakers from Converse with Tokidoki laces, Tote shoulder bag from Aeropostale, Ring from H&M, necklace from Charlotte Russe, beaded bracelet from Kohl's, Gold bangle from a gift

Fizzing Whizzbees are a popular magical sweet sold in Honeydukes sweetshop in Hogsmeade. They are large sherbet balls that will cause a person who sucks on them to float a few inches off the ground. Rumor has it hat this phenomenon is due to the secret ingredient of dried Billywig stings because being stuck by a Billywig will make a person levitate for a few seconds. However this rumor might just be an inspiration from the urban legends about sweets, including Bubble Yum, the world's first non-hard chewing gum, which was softened through spider's eggs. (From the Harry Potter Wikia).

I named this outfit after Fizzing Whizzbees because it's color is primarily pink and it's very girly and light which makes you feel like you're floating--like you couldn't care less what other people thought. And that's probably one of my biggest new year resolutions (haha, three months in and I'm just now talking about my new year's resolutions).

What exactly are my New Year's resolutions? Honestly, I'm not quite sure. 

Maybe the first obvious one is to lessen my intake of inappropriate starches (what my sister calls bags of chips). I used to spend at least P200 per week over those--don't judge me, I love my cheap chips to bits especially if you're eating them while marathoning a whole bunch of TV shows (see list of current fandoms to the right of my blog, aka Hannibal, mmm that tends to get both me and my sister lose and gain our appetite). But this is as far as I go towards "healthy living"

"Healthy Living"? Nope. Pancit Canton 4EVER!
Lately, I've spent my money on baking supplies. A new baking supply store just opened recently (if by recently you mean within six months) near our house and they're owned and staffed by the friendliest people ever. (I'm going to make a post about them this Saturday, if they let me!). And yes, this is another of my New Year's resolutions!

However, my real new year's resolution is this blog! I may be a month late in actually taking it seriously but hey, better late than pregnant never. I'm starting out to be more positive in my life. I've noticed that if you surround yourself with negative thoughts then you will always only perceive the world to be negative. It's finally time to stop being so pessimistic and to take pleasure in the little things. 

It could be watching a really heart breaking movie in one of your classes. 

I sat alone in the back and cried my heart out for Enjolras and sang along to the songs and told the guy in front of me to join me in barricading the classroom on Monday!

Maybe take joy in using your free period to browse the internet in the university computer lab? Time well spent.

Or really good notes you took in High School. These are my AP US Government notes that I studied again today because I took part 2 of my diagnostic test. So far, I feel really good about it---it could even be the fact that you tried your best in your academics. I mean, hey, you may not be the smartest or the brightest, but at least you know you put an effort into things.

Wilson Jones Binder from the Office Depot
It could even be as simple as a pretty binder that totally matches your outfit, really.

And that there are little pretty things. But honestly, this ring is so attention grabbing that I tend to keep the ribbon side inside my palm (and I may love wearing rings, but I love to fist bump more. Aaah problems).

Know that the ground you walk on is here because someone made it so. Know that the world exists because of the harmony of nature--inherent opposites.

Just, moral of the story? Don't let anyone stop you from doing anything. Don't let the fear of embarrassment hinder you from doing anything. Live life like crazy. and procrastinate doing your 10 page final paper due tomorrow because #YOLO


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